Important Links

Board of Behavioral Sciences:

The California state website has a wealth of information and forms, everything from experience calculators to change of address forms. Use the link below to visit BBS.

Board of Behavioral Sciences

BBS has also accumulated links to various state agencies, The Department of Consumer Affairs, accredited and approved schools, as well as a list of professional associations. We recommend that you pay the BBS a visit and see the many things that are available.

BBS Links Page

American Society on Aging – Webinars:

ASA offers webinars on important health care topics, many of which offer CEUs, some of which are free to anyone. See their website (linked below) for the latest offerings.

American Society on Aging

Family Caregiver Alliance:

FCA is a public voice for caregivers. Their pioneering programs – information, education, services, research and advocacy – support and sustain the important work of families nationwide caring for loved ones with chronic, disabling health conditions.

All Treatment

All Treatment is the most comprehensive treatment facility locator on the web. Rehab Directory was built using Government data from SAMSHA.

Find Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers Near You


Guide to Counseling Degrees

Guide to Psychology Degrees

Other Recommended Links

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Here are some links to commonly asked questions regarding experience requirements and verification regarding licensing and renewal of licenses in California.

Frequently Asked Questions: