2020 IACC Scholarship Application

Inland Association for the Continuity of Care (IACC) has been serving the community for close to 40 years. Our Mission is to provide and promote continuity of care to the community through valued resources and education to professionals who serve seniors, families and agencies.

Even during these challenging times of a global pandemic, we understand the importance of education within the healthcare industry. Now, more than ever, we need a growing field of qualified, competent, and educated individuals to lead the advancement of the healthcare field.

We are honored to continue to present a modest scholarship of $500 for up to four candidates whom we feel are able to express their career goals. We will also present an additional $1,000 scholarship in honor of our dear friend, colleague, & IACC Lifetime Member, Ritchie Wills ~ for her passion and dedication to being a leader for and mentor to those who work in Healthcare, especially in caring for our aging population.

Please follow the guidelines and answer the questions below in an essay format. An IACC Board member will be contacting the scholarship winners by December 11th.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 11:59pm – Monday November 30th, 2020

Scholarship Essay Applicant Guidelines:

  • Answer the questions below. Be sure to include a header on your document that includes: Name, Phone Number and Email Address on each page
  • 2 pages MAXIMUM, Double-spaced, 12 Font Size, Arial Font, 1-inch margins
  • Attach 2 Professional Recommendations (can be from Professors, no relatives)
  • Submission Deadline is 11:59pm Monday November 30, 2020

Please address the following questions in your application letter:

  1. What is your current healthcare position? What two aspects do you enjoy most about your role? If not currently in healthcare, what are you looking forward to in the healthcare industry?
  2. What two aspects of your educational goals keep you focused on completing your choice of study?
  3. What experience or who influenced and inspired you to pursue your healthcare path?
  4. What do you hope to accomplish in winning this scholarship (or if you have already graduated, how will these funds assist you with loans)?

If you have any questions, please contact Janet Oliver directly at (909) 645-1525 or email janeto68@gmail.com. Guidelines must be followed or your application will not be considered. Thank you for your interest and support and wishing you continued success in your chosen path of serving others in the healthcare field.

Janet Oliver | Scholarship Chair

* Scholarship distribution dependent on proof of student status and/or student loan debt